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Every Donation Matters!

Your donation will help us with:


-Bringing public attention and educational opportunity to American dance styles that are underrepresented in St. George.


-Engaging audiences that are not part of saturated dance genres through collaborations with world renowned musicians at performances and events in St. George.


-Providing studio space for students affiliated with various studios and schools to collaborate, learn and perform percussive dance.


-Facilitating collaborations with musical groups for rhythm dancers in St. George no matter their race, religion, age or professional experience.


 -Educating students, educators and community members about the rich heritage and history of American percussive dance.


-Preserving American history by engaging community members with traditional folk dance through performances, classes, and collaborations.


-Impacting the world by bringing attention to St. George through hosting Tap masters and providing a place for percussive dancers to develop and promote folk dance and share it with the world through our organization and in their future Tap, Clogging and Step opportunities. 

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